Monday December 10, 2018

ZabCab Makes Hailing Taxis Easier

Deutsch: Taxi in New York City

Deutsch: Taxi in New York City (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A new app called ZabCab recently launched for New Yorkers and promises to make hailing a cab less stressful. The app allows passengers to send out a GPS signal to yellow cab drivers that will let them know they need a ride. According to CBS NY, almost 1,000 taxi drivers have signed up for the app out of the  13,000 taxi’s that are on the road. Shareef Hussein was one of the first drivers to sign up for the app and explained that it will help drivers the most in the outer boroughs because they can now avoid coming back without passengers.

The free app is available for New Yorkers in the Android marketplace and the iPhone App store.


  • Marisol

    I don’t understand i put 4 zabcab.& i couldn’t get a cab. Y?