Wednesday June 19, 2019

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Daily News National Site Increasing Traffic #nydn

New York Daily News logo

New York Daily News logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since the NY Daily News re-launched its homepage as Daily News America, viewership on the site has increased by 21.6%. according to Capital NY. This places the Daily News in the same range of view as sites like USA Today and The Los Angeles Times. In terms of print, the Daily News is ranked fifth in the nation, but with most of its circulation in NY. With the expansion through a redesigned site, the publication hopes to attract new advertisers.

Colin Myler, editor-in-chief of the Daily News, recently wrote, “We can now say with confidence that we are a national player. Every aspect of the content being created, whether it be national, international or local, has had a significant impact on our great web audience growth.” Myler also mentioned the last of the NY Post website in the stated website rankings, taking a shot at the competition. Though, the Post has been developing a revamped website with former Gawker editor Remy Stern, who was hired in April.

Capital NY