Tuesday July 23, 2019

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Thrillist Packages Content, Commerce and Data

English: Thrillist's logo

English: Thrillist’s logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The NY based men’s digital lifestyle magazine Thrillist has an e-newsletter, a mobile app, a local deals provider and a shopping recommender. CEO of Thrillist, Ben Lerer, spoke with AdExchanger about how Thrillist has combined editorial and shopping into one package. The company is also currently working on a new product called ThrillSeeker which packages data.

Lerer explained more about this new addition to Thrillist when he said, “We’ve created a product here called ThrillSeeker, where we take our first party app data from Thrillist, and in some cases from JackThreads and all the information about this audience and we provide advertisers with an ability to retarget our guys on other platforms. To expand the reach of what we do to more guys beyond the exact Thrillist target consumer, or to go in and re-message — that’s a product that we’ve started rolling out with success.”

Lerer explained the Thrillist marketing strategy when he said, “There’s a fundamental belief that we have about content and commerce living in one place that brings those properties together. It reflects the fact that a reader and a buyer are exactly the same thing. Traditionally, media companies look at a reader and simply aim to monetize them through advertising sales. In being committed to that relationship, traditional media companies have developed a good sense of how to build loyalty and create an emotional connection between brands and readers.”