Tuesday June 19, 2018

Columbia Student Calls for Support of Innovation, Tech

Columbia University

Columbia University (Photo credit: InSapphoWeTrust)

Andrew Hitti, a Columbia College student majoring in Computer Science, wrote an article in the Columbia Spectator calling for more support of innovation at his school. At the end of November the Brownstone Review Committee at Columbia will be determining who will move into the vacated fraternity houses. Hitti’s club, the Application Development Initiative (ADI), applied to be considered for the opening along with 13 other campus clubs. He wrote, “While I can only speak for my group, I do believe entrepreneurship and technology at Columbia need a home, a brownstone, where they can take root and flourish.”

ADI began with about 20 members and has since grown to over 600 members in just a few years. The organization has created programming events to involve students in technical and entrepreneurial skill seminars. Additionally, the group created DevFest, a week-long campus event for lectures on tech and entrepreneurship, featuring speakers of companies and experts in the fields. Hitti wrote, “Through tech talks, where we invited industry professionals to discuss cutting-edge technology, and hosting student-run workshops, hackathons, job fairs, and alumni dinners, connecting students with alumni working in NYC, we are developing a community of builders.”

Columbia Spectator