Wednesday June 19, 2019

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New Work City Hosts First Startup Funeral #nyctech

A group of six entrepreneurs created an event, Startup Funeral, that celebrates startups that have failed. The event is meant to put a lighthearted spin on the failure of a startup and help celebrate and discuss lessons from various projects. Leo Newball, freelance Web developer and co-organizer of the Startup Funeral, told Digiday that, “It’s a celebration of what they tried. It’s supposed to be a fun event where people can talk about their startup experience.”

New Work City hosted the first Startup Funeral and many attended including  Chris Siragusa, former CTO of  Kozmo.com, an online delivery service that famously failed. Over 100 attendees listened to the company’s mistakes, and at the end Siragusa and other participants were given small urns filled with candy. Newball said, “It’s hard to get people to openly want to talk about their failed startups. That was the hardest. People are afraid of being mocked for failing. If anything, it’s about mocking yourselves and making light of it and learning from it. This isn’t aimed to make people feel bad.”