Friday November 16, 2018

NY Fashion Bloggers Arise as the Next Media Influencers

Yuli Ziv Founder & CEO, Style Coalition (L), E...

Yuli Ziv Founder & CEO, Style Coalition (L), Elena Silenok – Founder & CEO, Clothia (2-L), Shauna Mei – Founder & CEO, AHAlife (2-R) and Inga Nakhmanson – CEO, Fitting Reality (R) (Photo credit: Hubert Burda Media)

Yuli Ziv of Style Coalition says fashion bloggers are the next generation of media influencers. Lucrative businesses in their own right, they are at the forefront of social media and have hundreds of thousands of followers. A site like Corporette makes half of its revenue from affiliate linking to products and external websites. The rest comes from online advertising and brand partnerships. Zephyr Basine’s style blog, College Fashion, gets hundreds of emails daily from PR and marketing teams requesting collaboration. But London-based blogger Bip Ling doesn’t feature any ads. The “celebutante blogger” says they ruin the aesthetics of the page. Instead the blog is a “stepping stone” for larger aspirations.

Financial Times