Monday July 15, 2019

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New #FourSquare Feature May Revamp App

Logo for Foursquare

Logo for Foursquare (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Foursquare recently launched its newest feature a few months ago, called Explore, which gives users location-based recommendations and attempts to create a game atmosphere for the app. More recently, according to MediaPost, the company has been facing criticism from some who have said the app lacks purpose.

However, Steven Rosenblatt, Foursquare’s new chief revenue officer, said in August that, “We still get 5 million check-ins a day, and have 2 billion in our system. What the check-in does is give us a lot of data about where you are, what your friends are doing, what you like, where you go — we don’t need to guess. The check-in and game mechanics of Foursquare — it was a great on-boarding apparatus. But with the all-new Foursquare we rolled out in recent weeks, we’ve brought the concept of Explore to the forefront. It takes these 2 billion check-ins, and all this data, and we’re getting really smart about recommending things to you.”