Wednesday April 25, 2018

Freelancers Find Love at NY Coffee Shops

Coffee Shop (I) (full frame)

Coffee Shop (I) (full frame) (Photo credit: roeyahram)

Coffee shops in NY have become spots of “office romance but without the cubicles” for freelancers, according to the NY Post. These freelance workers are attracted to the free Wi-Fi and the caffeine that comes with the territory of the coffee shops. It has been estimated that 42 million Americans do some sort of freelance work according to the Freelancers Union. Sam Title created of The Coffice, which is an online community for professionals who works from coffee shops. Title said, “When people have laptops open, there’s reason to talk right there. You can walk up to anyone — male or female — and ask them if their WiFi is slow.”

Margarite Korol, a Washington Heights-based pop artist, does most of her work in coffee shops in Manhattan and is often approached by males who try to break the ice with comments about her computer or the WiFi. She said, “I rarely mind the nosiness. As a freelancer, I like to get out, to be in public yet alone.” Thomas Edwards, founder of a date and relationship coaching service, Professional Wingman, noted that people at coffee shop have their defenses set much lower than they would at a bar or club. In a world where people can work via e-mail and smartphones the environment for “office romances” have changed.



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