Sunday May 27, 2018

NY Church Holds Tech Seminars for Elderly

NYC - Greenwich Village: First Presbyterian Church

NYC – Greenwich Village: First Presbyterian Church (Photo credit: wallyg)

Every month the First Presbyterian Church in Greenwich Village hosts a seminar for teaching elderly people about technology. Many older people have been left behind in the technological age, according to The New York Times, and see classes like this as a way to improve their knowledge. Many of the 30 or so attendees did not own a cellphone or computer. NYU Langone Medical Center technology trainer, Robert Finkenthal, ran the seminar. He said, “The worst is not knowing what it is, not knowing how to get there, and knowing that everyone around you is completely hooked in.”

His questions covered topics like pronunciation of Wi-Fi and whether or not all smartphones had an Internet connection. Though many of the elderly people left with the same convictions as when they walked in, they appreciated Finkenthal’s time and one attendee, Robert McCarl, 81, said, “It was fascinating. But it’s not my generation, so I didn’t know what he was talking about half the time.”

The New York Times