Wednesday June 20, 2018

NY Tech Teacher Live Streams Protest

A NY technology teacher, Francesco Portelos, is protesting his teacher suspension by live streaming images of himself doing nothing. Portelos wants to show parents and taxpayers where their money is going, especially for his $75,000 a year salary. According to AOL Jobs, the live stream shows Portelos sitting in a conference room looking at a laptop. He adorned his desk with signs, one that reads, “I’d Rather Teach!” The teacher was removed from his classroom after getting in trouble with some administrators at the school, Intermediate School 49 on Staten Island.

According to AOL, “Portelos, who is the elected chapter leader of his school, alleges that his ‘timeout’ in one of New York’s infamous ‘rubber rooms’ is retribution for having blown the whistle on administrators ‘engaging in financial misconduct.'” Principal Linda Hill declined to comment. The Department of Education did not list the allegations against Portelos, but said that they were severe enough to warrant his removal from the classroom.The DoE also denied the existence of rubber rooms, which used to be a contention in NY until Bloomberg and the union decided to get rid of the reassignment centers. Sometimes teachers waited years for disciplinary actions to be decided and would be reassigned to do administrative work.

However, DoE spokeswoman Connie Pankratz said that, “All teachers who have been reassigned are working under supervision in an administrative capacity. Francesco Portelos has been extremely difficult to work with, was transferred twice, and there are multiple investigations pending against him.” Portelos told the Post that the allegations against him were minor, like hacking into his school’s website. He said, “I’m very tech-savvy, and for the short five years of my career used that knowledge to educate and improve the school. Now, I have to use my tech savviness to survive.”

 AOL Jobs