Tuesday June 25, 2019

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Post Editors Travel to Garrison NY for Digital Teaching Day

NY’s two biggest daily tabloids, the NY Post and the Daily News are battling over their web presences, according to Capital. Recently the Post staff took an out of office day in Garrison, NY to talk about the importance of the web, though there are few concrete details about what actually occurred at the outing. Digital editor, Remy Stern, has been trying to make the web a top priority for the news outlet.

At News Corp. there has been discussion of improving the Post‘s website for some time. In March, editor of the iPad newspaper The Daily, Jesse Angelo, became more involved with nypost.com. Then Stern was hired from Gawker in August, who has since been making sure the reporters are working within the website. However, many at the Post would still prefer for their stories to be in the print edition for fear that if their stories go online sooner, other competitors will be able to steal their “exclusives.”

The Daily News site, however, has risen 21.6 percent to 19.1 million unique U.S. visitors, up from 15.7 million in June. In August alone, the site had 13.6 million U.S. visitors. On the other hand, nypost.com, dropped to 5.8 million in August, down from 6.7 million a year earlier.

Capital New York