Sunday May 20, 2018

NY Startups Stay Home During #Sandy

Art in the Etsy offices.

Art in the Etsy offices. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jason Babtiste, Onswipe CEO, said when subways shut down, employees work at home. He and a few engineers are camping out in their offices with food, flashlights and iPads. Other NYC startups including Kickstarter and SideTour also told their employees to stay home during the hurricane. Etsy put their U.K. operations team on the alert in case NY power goes out. Usablenet said their platform is cloud-based and none of its data centers should be affected. Onswipe is hosted by Amazon Web Services, but they also have different data centers for redundancy.

But for H. Bloom and Seamless, foul weather is a bigger disruption. Sonu Panda, H.Bloom COO, says very early morning teams will make delivery before the storms hits New York. Seamless is working with restaurants requesting the service cease during the storm. Users will see a message on the site informing them of delivery delays.

The New York Observer