Sunday January 20, 2019

Apps Changing Technology, Economy and Diapers

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iPhone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Illustrating the pervasiveness of apps, John Bringardner said when his wife was in labor, they both spent a lot of time on their phones. She was using Full Term, an app that measures contractions, while he was reading books on his Kindle app. Now his wife uses Total Baby to track feedings, diaper changes and the baby’s development.

Their prevalence has created a full blown app economy–and over half a million U.S. jobs.  It used to be common practice for companies to develop a Web product and then add mobile applications, Somak Chattopadhyay, a partner at Tribeca Venture Partners, told NYU Alumni Magazine. Now the reverse is true–about half of Tribeca’s investments are now in mobile.

Nathan Hull, a NYU associate professor, said his iPhone programming class is very popular. One student, Patrick Grennan, created an app that plays music and records video simultaneously—allowing a user to make a music video on the fly. “What is inventing,” Hull said, “but taking things that exist and putting them together?”

NYU Alumni Magazine