Monday July 15, 2019

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Pittman Says Clear Channel Should Cannibalize Itself

Clear Channel

At age 15, Bob Pittman was a radio announcer. Not long after, he had a hand in creating MTV and in 1996, he joined AOL and stayed after the Time Warner merger. Now, as CEO of Clear Channel, he presides over a mega media conglomerate. In an interview with The Verge, Pittman said of Apple and Google that, “History is littered with companies that tried to do the controlled ecosystem.” Instead, consumers are more interested in shows they like and will mix and match platforms.

According to Pittman, network TV made a big mistake when they declined to create  content for cable because it would be cannibalizing. Pittman also said if the landscape is changing, Clear Channel better cannibalize itself. That’s why their app, iHeartRadio, is on phones, tablets and the web. In the end, he said people don’t think about how the signal gets there, it’s content they care about.

The Verge