Thursday June 21, 2018

Codecademy: The #GatewayDrug to Coding

Zach Sims, Co-Founder, Codecademy & Bobbie Joh...

Zach Sims & Bobbie Johnson, of GigaOM (Photo credit: Kmeron)

Zach Sims says reading, writing and algorithms are the new literacy basics. The 22-year-old co-founder of Codecademy told GigaOm that programmers aren’t just another class of skilled workers; they drive the economy. But with more than 400,000 users and $12.5 million VC funding, the company has yet to produce revenue.

Zed Shaw, software developer and author, said Codecademy could be a “gateway drug” to coding, adding, “But I think they seriously overstate their actual effectiveness.” He told GigaOm, “The idea that you’re going to get a bunch of random programmers, who are notoriously bad at explaining programming, to teach—it just doesn’t fly.” Sims says his company is still evolving. “It’s all a work in progress,” he told GigaOm. “I feel like everything is that way.”