Thursday June 21, 2018

Leibovitz Says #VideoGames are Life, Literature and Religion

Portal 2

Portal 2 (Photo credit: yum9me)

Liel Leibovitz’s online magazine The New York Review of Video Games takes on the deep underlying issues of games—economics, on-screen violence and death. Leibovitz said their goal is providing curious readers with quality long-form journalism and essays about all aspects of video games. But they also want to disrupt the current nerdish paradigm by becoming the Lester Bangs of video game reviews.

He compares videos games to religious beliefs—it’s a world players didn’t make, don’t know any of the rules and will probably never meet the designer. Yet we have to figure it all out. Leibovitz’s favorite non-violent game is Portal 2, a physics-based environment comparable to James Joyce’s Ulysses because it deals with mortality, civility and fate. He told NYU Alumni Magazine, “It’s among the very few games that could easily be called a masterpiece.”

NYU Alumni Magazine