Friday April 20, 2018

Macy’s NY App Adds In-Store GPS Feature

New York - Macy's

New York – Macy’s (Photo credit: PeterJBellis)

Macy’s flagship store in New York has added a new GPS navigation feature to its iPhone app, according to Mashable. The app provides indoor turn by turn directions for the store, which is the largest department store in the US. The app was developed by Meridian, a software startup who has created an indoor GPS platform. Meridian announced recently that it is making two of its indoor positioning software development kits available, Macy’s was one of three businesses to beta test the GPS feature.

“Macy’s is kind of the leader right now in a lot of digital initiatives. They’ve been trying out lots of digital initiatives to engage with shoppers in their homes and in stores,” said Jeff Hardison, VP of Marketing and Business for Meridian, explaining why the startup chose to partner with Macy’s.