Tuesday January 22, 2019

#MTA Holds First Video Conference Hearings

Recently, the MTA hosted its first video conference hearing in light of the recent proposal of fare hikes for the subway and tolls. However, according to The NY Post, only two people showed up to the event to record their feelings about the hikes on camera. One of the speakers, Kendra Bennett, noted that it felt weird to talk to a camera. During her speech she said that the fare hikes would make it difficult for her to get to her volunteer work, in which she takes the train every day to feed the homeless. She said, “A lot of our money comes out of our pocket. That’s not really fair to the working class in New York City.”

Bennett only spoke for 45 seconds, even though speakers are allowed up to three minutes. Riders were asked to choose to one of four plans the MTA unveiled last month that could raise the cost of a monthly MetroCard, which currently costs $104, to anywhere from $109 to $125. The hikes are expected to take effect in March. The MTA has scheduled three more of their video conferences next week. On Tuesday, riders can go to the video hearings at either the Metro-North Poughkeepsie station, from 4 pm. to 8 pm., or the LIRR Hicksville station, from 6 am to 10 am. A conventional public hearing is also being held next Tuesday at Baruch college at 5 pm. Only 26 speakers showed up to the first regular public hearing this past Wednesday, the night that the Nor’easter hit.

NY Post