Tuesday June 19, 2018

Former NY HuffPo Founders Launch NowThis News App

Eric Hippeau

Eric Hippeau (Photo credit: jdlasica)

Ken Lerer and Eric Hippeau, both former Huffington Post executives, recently released their social video news app, NowThis News. The goal of the app is to make watching news an interesting and exciting experience for the newer generations of consumers.  According to paidContent, the app has categories available for browsing, like: Top stories, Obama vs. Romney, Awesome debates, Malala, Tech and Fun. There is a selection of video clips for each category that users can swipe through, and many clips are introduced by a NowThis News host. Other clips are from users or outside sources, but feature the NowThis News branding.

Former news executive at CNN, Eason Jordan, is the manager at NowThis News. He noted that the app will have eight to 10 original clips added through the day, which is supplemented by another 10 to 15 clips. Jordan said, “We feel like younger people are not watching traditional TV news, they’re getting video news from mobile and social, and we’re building for that audience.” The company launched quietly in April under the name Daily Planet and has about $5 million in funding.