Saturday May 25, 2019

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NY’s Qloo Launches with $1.4M Funding

NY-based startup Qloo is launching with $1.4 million in funding. The company, according to GigaOm, is a one-stop site for finding cultural interests and locations. Qloo privately launched in Alpha in April, and their funding round was led by Kindler Capital. The website lets users select one item that best fits their taste from eight different categories, including film, TV, music, fashion, nightlife, books, travel and dining. Then Qloo gives suggestions in each category based off selections from similar users.

Alex Elias, who co-founded the company along with Jay Alger, said, “It first evolved from the idea that there are relationships between taste in different areas of culture. So someone’s taste in music might implicate where they might enjoy having a drink or their fashion sensibilities. Or your taste in literature might implicate the films you’d want to watch or where you might want to travel.” Qloo has a goal of personalizing cultural recommendations. Even though sites like Facebook and Twitter can give hints about cultural preferences, Qloo chose not to include them.