Saturday October 20, 2018

NY Tech Runs on Diesel this Week #Sandy

diesel fuel pump on the engine

diesel fuel pump on the engine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When power went out in Lower Manhattan this week due to Hurricane Sandy, Fog Creek Software’s data center switched to an emergency diesel generator. But after water rushed into Peer 1’s basement, it wiped out fuel pumps and monitoring equipment. Fog Creek retrieved a their system administrator from his 13th floor apartment in a building without power, but then, according to The Verge,  they trekked towards a darkened Lower Manhattan, with cars floating upside down and streets slick with seawater and leaked diesel fuel.

Michael Pryor, co-founder of Fog Creek and Stack Exchange said to The Verge that it resembled the zombie apocalypse. At Peer 1, they met employees from Squarespace who also had servers there. Together, they filled five gallon buckets with diesel fuel and schlepped them up 17 floors to pour fuel in the generator.

The Verge