Wednesday April 25, 2018

NYT and WSJ Take Down Paywall for #Election2012

Presidential Election Vector Sticker

Presidential Election Vector Sticker (Photo credit: Vectorportal)

During the election today, both The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal will not be using their paywall systems. According to New York Magazine, the free content will be available on WSJ.com from 5 pm on Tuesday to 5pm on Wednesday while NYTimes.com will be available for free from 6pm on Tuesday to 6 pm on Wednesday. The NYTimes also dropped their paywall for five full days last week during Hurricane Sandy.

NYTimes spokesperson Linda Zebian said, “Removing the gate last week had no impact on our decision to remove the gate for the election — it’s been in the works for a while now. This is the third time The Times has offered free digital access surrounding a major news event.”


New York Magazine