Monday May 21, 2018

Online Petitions Demand Retailers Close #Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving turkey

Dinner (Photo credit: adlpated)

As stores get a jump start on holiday shopping by opening on Thanksgiving, online petitions are trying to preserve the holiday. According to Urbandale Patch, a petition was created by a Target employee who complained that because the store is open on the holiday, employees have to work instead of spend time with family. Target stores are scheduled to open Thanksgiving at 9 pm. As of Tuesday, more than 179,000 people signed the petition.

Similar petitions denouncing “Black Friday creep” are also circulating. Change.org reported that their users have issued 40 similar petitions targeting Sears after they announced it would open at 8 pm on Thanksgiving. Many of the comments are supportive. Paul Kessler, a Sears employee from Pennsylvania wrote, “I’ve worked retail for 12 years but have never had to work Thanksgiving until this year. My family would not understand or believe it!”

“Copycat” petitions are also asking Macy’s, Best Buy, Old Navy and Kohl’s to reconsider their Thanksgiving openings.

Urbandale Patch