Monday May 21, 2018

Private Chelsea School Specializes in Tech

MacBook Air 13'' vs iPad 2

MacBook Air and iPad 2 (Photo credit: Sikachu!)

Avenues: The World School is a new, for-profit school in Chelsea specializing in cutting-edge technology. Each student—from nursery school to seniors—has access to an iPad. In fifth grade students get an iPad and a MacBook Air. The Wall Street Journal reports that critics call it redundant, but the school says it’s essential. School officials say students consume information on one device and process it through another—similar to a textbook and a notebook. But instead of just books and papers, students now have spreadsheets, databases, cameras and editing programs.

Access to technology isn’t cheap. Before opening, the school raised $75 million from private donors. The school’s operating budget (excluding salaries) is $1 million, funded partially by annual tuition and fees of $42,000.

Wall Street Journal