Friday April 20, 2018

Task Force: Ban GPS Smartphones in NY Cabs

Yellow Cab

Yellow Cab (Photo credit: Grumbler %-|)

An International Association of Transportation Regulators task force wants to ban the use of GPS-equipped smartphones in taxis instead of meters. The Wall Street Journal reports that local governments claim GPS is not as accurate as a taxi meter. But companies such as Uber Technologies Inc., which recently shuttered its NYC operation, maintain that they are making the for-hire car industry more efficient and allow drivers to carry more passengers.

Matthew Daus, a former NYC taxi commissioner and head of the task force, says regulators are not anti-technology. “But they have to do their job and make sure it’s safe, customers aren’t being ripped off, and people aren’t being hurt,” he told the Journal. NYC recently proposed rules allowing customers to hail yellow cabs with smartphones, but the cab’s meter would still dictate fares.

The Wall Street Journal