Friday May 25, 2018

Time Warner Cable Sued in NY, NJ Over Modem Fees

Time Warner Cable Arena

Time Warner Cable Arena (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Time Warner Cable recently was served with two class action lawsuits, in NJ and NY, over its decision to charge a $3.95 monthly ‘lease” fee for modems, according to the NY Daily News. The decision, which could affect 15 million customers, will raise $40 million a month and more than $500 million a year for the 419.7 billion company. “It’s just a scam to increase revenue,” said Steven Wittels, one of the lawyers involved. The two lawsuits ask the courts in both states to impose an injunction to block the company from imposing the fee. According to court papers, Time Warner’s customers are being forced to make ‘lease” payments on modems that are mostly old and which the company “typically wrote off as worthless years ago.”

NY Daily News