Thursday June 21, 2018

Michal Tsur: Don’t Leave All the Fun to the Boys

Image representing Michal Tsur as depicted in ...

Michal Tsur, Image via CrunchBase

According to Forbes, Michal Tsur is role model for women. Tsur is president and co-founder of Kaltura, a NY-based open-source online video provider. Her experience is an insider’s view of women in the tech field.

The tech filed offered Tsur an opportunity to create something original. She and Leah Belsky, VP and general manager of Kaltura’s presence in Europe, notice the field was was male dominated. Gender issues didn’t become an issue until both of them started thinking about having children.

Tsur says technology is merely a tool  to execute ideas. Women often have a difficult time seeing past the ‘requirement’ of technology proficiency, instead of thinking of the experience as a way to be involved in a startup and solve problems. Her advice to women: Don’t leave all the fun to the boys.