Wednesday June 19, 2019

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Review of “Totally Wired,” the story of Pseudo.com


Pseudo.com (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mary Branscombe, a freelance tech journalist, recently wrote a review on ZDNet for Andrew Smiths book titled, Totally Wired. The book is an account of Pseudo.com and its founder Josh Harris during the dotcom boom and bust. Pseudo.com was an early Silicon Alley web media portal. Branscombe explains, “Pseudo.com was trying to tap into the urge to record our lives and show them off that has powered Facebook to success, but in a much more frenetic and voyeuristic manner.” Pseudo.com ended up being the first Silicon Alley company to go bust and the book provides an account of the company and Josh Harris’s story during the dotcom boom and crash. Branscombe concludes in her review that the book provides a “fairly plausible” theory about the stock market manipulation that possibly crashed the tech IPO market in the 1990s.  She adds, “If you don’t find Harris equally fascinating, at least the book is stuffed with enough anecdotes, quotes and theories to make you an instant expert on some of the forgotten foundations of the web as we know it today.”