Monday May 21, 2018

29th Street Creates Mobile Apps for New York Magazine

29th Street allows users to create magazine apps for Apple’s Newstand. The NY-based company is working with a dozen publishers, including The Awl’s Weekend Companion, launched by New York Magazine. Both CEO David Jacobs and co-founder Natalie Podrazik previously worked at Six Apart. Their software is a CMS for publishing magazines to iOS devices with a revenue-sharing platform that gives small publishers easy access to a growing market.

Jacobs told Neiman Lab that a reader’s relationship is with the publisher–not the app. They want to be “as thin a middleman as possible.”  He said the app’s performance is key. Issues should download and content should appear quickly. He said, “We felt other apps weren’t taking care of the user by making them wait so long.”

Neiman Journalism Lab