Friday May 25, 2018

#Cablevison Sues #CWA #Union

Communications Workers of America

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Disputes between Cablevision and the Communication Workers of America entered a new phase this week. In state Supreme Court, Cablevision filed a lawsuit alleging CWA made “patently false and defamatory claims” about the speed and quality of Cablevision’s Brooklyn Internet service. Crain’s New York Business reported that LI-based Cablevision has battled the union since 400 Brooklyn employees voted to unionize earlier in the year. The union later claimed that Brooklyn employees were being punished while non-union Bronx workers received raises.

The lawsuit was prompted by a report CWA released in mid-October that said Cablevision’s Brooklyn customers receive 25 percent slower Internet than Bronx customers. Cablevision released a statement that said CWA acted in a deceptive and libelous manner. CWA responded by saying the lawsuit was frivolous. Tim Dubnau of CWA said that SpeedMatters.org consistently shows slower speeds for Brooklyn customers.

Crain’s New York Business