Monday June 18, 2018

Fewer #Citigroup #DataCenters Result in Savings and Efficiency


Citigroup (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Five years ago, Citigroup had 70 data centers. But after the global bank underwent a massive consolidation and reduced its global operations footprint, it only has 20. Jagdish Rao, head of Citigroup’s enterprise operations and technology, told Wired that they cut a number of data centers that were acquired during acquisitions. The bank also realized that the best way to achieve optimal capacity was to close the oldest and build eight new data centers all over the world. That created overall efficiency and cut costs drastically. Rao told Wired that the entire consolidation program was funded by the operational savings

The bank virtualized all of its 40,000 data center servers. That network now runs at 40 to 50 percent capacity, up from 5 to 10 percent a few years earlier. Citi could run at a higher capacity, but Rao said they have to leave room for spikes in trading. At the moment, Citi is bypassing any external cloud providers. Their private cloud is huge, plus they have rigorous data privacy issues and regulatory constraints that they say aren’t met by outside providers. Rao told Wired that if there weren’t any regulatory constraints, Citi could get by with 10 data centers, saying, “The 10 satellite centers are run in certain countries to comply with local regulations.”

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