Wednesday May 23, 2018

#Cornell NYC Tech Ahead of Schedule and Above the Flood Plane

Cornell NYC Tech Campus

Cornell’s new tech campus might occupy up to 790,000 square feet of Roosevelt Island, according to Crain’s New York Business. The university agreed to build 300,000 square feet by 2017, but phase one’s four buildings will surpass that area. Cornell real estate consultant Karen Backus said that two-thirds of one building would be rented out to tech businesses in an effort to create relationships between the industry and the school. Backus, speaking at a presentation hosted by Cornell and real estate association CoreNet Global, said the university hoped to eliminate boundaries between business and academia.

Kyu-Jung Whang, Cornell’s vp of facilities, told the audience that they planned to create higher ground even before Hurricane Sandy. After studying the 100-year flood plane, they decided to put the buildings at least 19 feet above sea level. They will also keep equipment on upper floors.

Crain’s New York Business