Thursday April 19, 2018

Apps Make NY Taxis More Efficient Says #TLC’s Yassky

David Yassky

David Yassky (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In a New York Daily News op-ed David Yassky extolls the virtues of taxi-hailing apps. The NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission chairman writes apps could assist tourists who don’t know where to find a cab. They would fill taxis during off hours, make them more efficient, save fuel and reduce traffic. Yassky says the new rules ensure that drivers will earn the same fare as they would from a street hail. Drivers would also be prevented from accepting e-hails while the car is in motion (feasible with GPS-equipped smartphones.) On Thursday, the TLC voted to approve a one-year test program for taxi-hailing apps.

The main opposition to the apps comes from large car service companies who say that it will hurt their business. Yassky concedes this might be true. But he thinks that customers will continue to call for cars because they want an actual reservation and there aren’t enough taxis to accommodate black car customers.

New York Daily News