Monday June 18, 2018

#FredWilson and #NYTech Leaders #DemandAPlan

Venture capitalist Fred Wilson endorses Demand A Plan, an organization created by Mayor Michael Bloomberg and other U.S. mayors to end gun violence. In a post on his blog AVC, Wilson wrote that tech and Internet industry leaders are working with Demand A Plan. They are initiating a sustained social and mainstream media campaign to pressure leaders to do something about U.S. gun safety issues.

Three main things are launching today: a full-page ad in The New York Times (which Wilson signed), a viral media campaign at the Demand a Plan website and a request for everyone to add a Demand a Plan twibbon to their Twitter avatar. Wilson and Bloomberg changed theirs.

Wilson, a principal at Union Square Ventures, said the campaign, similar to last year’s PIPA/SOPA outreach, and is, “diverse, distributed, chaotic, and hopefully effective and powerful.”