Friday December 14, 2018

Launch.it Centralizes #CES Startup News

Consumer Electronics Show

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

NY-based startup, Launch.it was chosen to manage the startup news onslaught at the Consumer Electronics Show next month. According to VentureBeat, the company’s platform will act as a central platform for exhibitors to publish news, and distribute contact information at the Eureka Park CES and provided analytics about visitors. Users also have access to a Facebook comment feature, the ability buy and test services and can let media and investors follow their news updates.

Trace Cohen, president and co-founder of Launch.it told VentureBeat, “Our big vision is a free self-publishing platform to unlock the news. We want to be the biggest searchable database [of news] … almost to disintermediate Google.”

Launch.it will eventually offer a centralized place for the thousands of companies at CES, not just Eureka Park. The company has partnered with Ultralight Startups and ShowStoppers. Launch.it currently runs news sites for 300-400 companies.