Monday May 21, 2018

#Livestream Broadcasts NY’s #NewYear’sEve to the World

New York Times Square New year celebrations in...

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For the forth year, Livestream will broadcast the entire Times Square New Year’s Eve festivities. Starting at 6 PM Eastern Time, the live webcast begins with the raising of the crystal ball. The six-hour plus broadcast features live concerts and interviews with Anderson Cooper and other network hosts. Corey Behnke, chief of global production and services, told Streaming Media that Livestream will have more behind-the-scenes-coverage than ever before.

In addition to Livestream’s own handheld and remote cameras, it also taps into 21 camera feeds from All Mobile Video’s Titan production truck, operated by Times Square Alliance and Countdown Entertainment. Those camera feeds go to their media solutions truck. Livestream’s feeds are sent via fiber to their 8th Ave. office—two miles from Times Square. The two feeds are then intercut to create Livestream’s own unique webcast. The 2012 broadcast had 600,000 unique views. According to Streaming Media, that is approximately 27.5 million viewer minutes in 200 countries around the globe. Behnke says the New Year’s Eve broadcast is gaining momentum—growing 20 percent annually during the past four years.

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[Editor’s Note: Countdown Entertainment is a client of Trylon SMR, owned by Trylon Communications, Inc., the parent company of NY Convergence]