Tuesday May 21, 2019

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#SmartTV Apps, Games Planned for #Aereo

CEO Chet Kanojia said Aereo would release more apps for the 10-foot TV experience. Speaking at the VideoSchmooze conference in NY last week, Kanojia said his NY-based company will launch a new slew of apps for smart TVs and TV devices including the Roku. Zatz Not Funny reported that Kanojia also said “conceptually” game consoles make a lot of sense for Aereo.

So far, Aereo is only available in NY. Broadcasters are suing because it avoids retransmission fees by designating an antenna to each customer and transcoding over-the-air signals for delivery via IP. Technology costs are minimal. Kanojia said a few years ago, it cost $6,000 to transcode a single stream of video. Now the number is in the single digits.

Zatz Not Funny