Thursday June 21, 2018

Acting as Editor, NDN Posts Video Directly to NY Daily News Site

Image representing News Distribution Network a...

Image via CrunchBase

News Distribution Network (NDN) recently made comScore’s list of top ten online video properties. According to Adweek, the video wire service’s audience just topped 53 million. NDN distributes video content from providers including AP, CBS News, Fox Sports as well as local TV stations. NDN has 4,500 partners, including the New York Post, the New York Daily News and it just signed a deal with CBS Local to distribute content from 13 stations, including NY, LA and Chicago. NDN provides the platform and the content to news organizations and sells advertising to its partners–and keeps the lion’s share of ad revenue.

NDN CRO Kevin Gentzel said, “We’re becoming a wider distribution arm. The more partners we have in local content, the more markets we’re penetrating.” In addition to supplying video to publishers, NDN also posts the video. For the New York Daily News, NDN  embeds videos remotely. Steve Lynas, the News’ svp of digital, said that embedding video in the story is more effective than putting it on the right rail. Matching videos to stories is currently done by people, but Gentzel says once it’s up to scale the process will be automated.