Thursday April 19, 2018

#NimbleTV Launches NY Beta of #OnlineTV Service

A remote control for the Sky+ satellite TV ser...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

NimbleTV is new a NY-based online TV startup. According to The Verge, it promises to stream cable or satellite TV from all over the globe to with datacenters full of cable boxes. Instead of an antenna-rental service like Aereo, customers lease an actual billing address at a Nimble TV location and sign up for a traditional cable or satellite service from a local provider. Founder Anand Subramanian said that cable companies will gain from their service because they’ll get new subscribers they wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Customers can get unlimited DVR with no recording conflicts, service on phones, tablets and PCs, but at the moment the company is only in beta with 300 NY users. Subramanian says the company will be in five or six other countries in a year’s time.

The Verge