Thursday May 24, 2018

#Kickstarter-Inspired NY Startup Specializes in Unique #Electronics

(image: Grand St.)

Inspired by Kickstarter, the Brooklyn-based founders of Grand St. are selling unique “electronics with heart.”

According to The Verge, founders Amanda Peyton, Joe Lallouz and Aaron Henshaw test products and select their favorites to feature for sale on their site with a photo and story about each. Inventors can fill out a submission form for products that they want tested and possibly sold on the site.

Unlike Kickstarter, Grand St. will only sell actual products, so there’s no risk of not receiving one. The site launched with three products; Sifteo, a gaming system using touch screen cubes; Wise Clock, a hack-able alarm clock; and a stylus called the Cosmonaut.

The site launched on December 14th for registered users and will be in wide release by 2013.

The Verge