Monday May 21, 2018

NY #Yankees Drop StubHub for Ticketmaster

The New York Yankees dropped their ticket exchange program with StubHub in favor of Ticketmaster. According to the NY Post, the Yankees are upset that fans can buy cheap tickets right up until game time because StubHub doesn’t maintain a price floor. Ticketmaster has agreed to set price floors and stop resales right before the game. Both the Yankees and the Los Angeles Angels are opting out of a five-year deal between Major League Baseball and StubHub.

The Yankees can’t ban people from using StubHub, but they will make it more difficult. StubHub buyers can’t print Yankee tickets from home, and instead must have them delivered or picked up at the box office. The Yankees blame StubHub for unused tickets and falling game attendance and have tried to convince fans to buy from Yankees.com instead. But ticket re-seller Joe DeLaura says it isn’t so. He told the Post that the Yankees charge too much and that StubHub puts people in seats for the less desirable games. He predicts fewer re-sellers will purchase tickets now that the team dropped StubHub.

NY Post