Friday May 25, 2018

#NYPD Enters A New Era of #CyberSecurity

U.S. Customs Commissioner Raymond Kelly discus...

Commissioner Raymond Kelly (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The NYPD is discussing plans to patrol cyberspace to identify potential “deranged” gunmen before they strike. Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly told the New York Times that techniques could include searches for language used by other mass-casualty shooters in emails and Internet posts. “The goal would be to identify the shooter in cyberspace, engage him there and intervene, possibly using an undercover to get close, and take him into custody or otherwise disrupt his plans.”

The NYPD is also using social media in a way that concerns Legal Aid. Capt. Jeffrey Schiff, the commanding officer Brooklyn’s 76th Precinct, uses Twitter to distribute names and mugshots of released convicts. Schiff says he wants to inform the community and keep residents safe. DNAinfo reported that Legal Aid is considering a lawsuit to prevent Schiff from tweeting the information. But Harold Edgar, a Columbia Law School professor specializing in technology, said the basis for the lawsuit is unclear. He said the information is publicly available, so it’s not a civil liberties issue. Schiff said that he only tweets information on serious recidivists, “guys who have been arrested 30, 40, 50 times.”

The New York Times