Monday June 18, 2018

#OWS #Tweets Undermine Defense Against #NYPD

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Tweets by Occupy Wall Street protester Malcolm Harris and others were revealed in court Wednesday, destroying the defense that police baited OWS protestors on to the roadway of the Brooklyn Bridge only to arrest them. The tweets were submitted as evidence and Harris pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct, according to The New York Times.

Evidence showed the Occupy Wall Street protesters tweeted that the NYPD warned them to stay off the Brooklyn Bridge or face arrest during an Oct. 1, 2011 protest. “They tried to stop us, absolutely did not want us on the motorway,” Harris, 23, tweeted that day. “They tried to block and threaten arrest. We were too many and too loud. They backed up until they could put up barricades.”

Prosecutors subpoenaed thousands tweets by Harris and others. The tweets were significant because of the legal precedent of who controls information from social networking sites. Twitter originally opposed providing information, but complied with a court order in September and gave Judge Matthew A. Sciarrino Jr. of Criminal Court in Manhattan thousands of Twitter messages from Harris and others. Police arrested more than 700 protesters during the October march. Harris was sentenced to six days of community service in a program of his choosing.

The New York Times