Thursday April 19, 2018

#NYU Students Create Email Replyallcalypse

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(Photo credit: IOE London)

What happens when you accidentally hit “Reply All?” NYU sophomore Max Wiseltier quickly found out when he “replied all” to an email sent to 40,000 NYU students. The email requested students sign up for 1098-T paperless tuition forms. According to BuzzFeed, Wiseltier asked his mother for advice, but instead of forwarding the email, he inadvertently hit reply all, sending an email to the entire NYU student body that read, “Do you want me to do this?” This cascaded into a reply all frenzy from students, who all suddenly discovered an opportunity to send messages to the entire student body.

Initial responses were confused. Then the tone morphed. Soon students forwarded jokes, asked for homework help, sent photos of Nicholas Cage and vented about high tuition. Others made new Facebook friends. Emails continued for more than 24 hours.