Monday July 22, 2019

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#Sandy Prompts #Verizon Fiber Shift

English: Fiber optic

English: Fiber optic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Verizon will replace damaged copper wire with fiber-optic cable. According to The Wall Street Journal, the move allows Verizon to sell more customer services and save on costs. The company wants to transfer as many services as it can to the faster FiOS network.

Speaking at a UBS conference in NY, CEO Lowell McAdam that the company expects to convert more than its target of 200,000 customers to fiber by the end of 2012, and 2013 will see even higher conversion numbers. McAdam said that the company’s roll out of 4G LTE will attract even more customers. “In the meantime, we’re going to try and figure out what 5G and 6G looks like,” he said.

The Wall Street Journal