Thursday June 21, 2018

#ScottStringer Outlines 11 Ways to Keep #NYTech Strong

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer released a report Tuesday outlining 11 steps to accelerate NY’s tech sector. “Start-Up City,” Stringer’s 41-page report, recommends investments in education and infrastructure to spur economic growth. The report calls for changing the housing code to allow for subdividing apartments and create more affordable housing. It also recommends more computer science instruction in NY schools.

Stringer also addressed the lack of diversity in the city’s tech sector. According to Jonathan Bowles, of Center for an Urban Future, more than half of those employed in NY’s “creative economies” are white. “This economy can’t leave out half of the city of New York,” Stringer said. “These jobs are the ticket to the middle class.”

 Crain’s New York Business