Monday June 18, 2018

#Techmeme Founder Rivera Questions Algorithms at NY Event

Gabe Rivera

Gabe Rivera (Photo credit: Thomas Hawk)

Speaking at a NY Outbrain event, Gabe Rivera said algorithms will never match human abilities. Rivera said, “A lot of people who think they can go all the way with the automated approach fail to realize a news story has become obsolete,” adding that a story can be quickly supplanted even if it’s gotten millions of tweets. Rivera is the founder of two media sites, Techmeme and Mediagazer, that use algorithms to select news stories. He recently hired two editors to sort the headlines. Rivera said he’s not a fan of social-based news sites like LinkedIn Today or Flipboard. He’d rather read the front page of The New York Times.

Rivera also added, “I think the mobile site gets the job done but it could be snappier. We should do our own app. But we have 2 developers and one of them is me.”