Wednesday April 25, 2018

NYC #TLC to Vote on #Taxi-Hailing Apps

David Yassky

David Yassky (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission is expected to vote Thursday on rules allowing the use of taxi-hailing smartphone apps. According to the Wall Street Journal, David Yassky, TLC chairman, is trying to secure enough votes to permit the use of apps—which must calculate fares using the meter system.

But TLC member Nora Marino said the commission should postpone the vote. If yellow cabs can obtain pre-arranged rides from apps, this could adversely affect livery and black car drivers. “I feel like I have a responsibility to listen to those people,” she told the Journal. “These are people’s livelihoods. Yassky said that that apps are an inevitable part of the future. He said, “The issue is do we have rules that protect customers and reduce distracted driving, or do we have a Wild West where there are no rules at all?”

Wall Street Journal