Tuesday September 16, 2014

Ultra Lights Startups “Investor Feedback Forum” December 13

Ultra Light Startups is hosting an Investor Feedback Forum on Thursday, Dec. 13 from 6:30-8:30pm at 1290 Avenue of the Americas, NY.

The objectives of the Investor Feedback Forum are:

▪    To help early stage startups refine their investor pitch

▪    To provide actionable advice and feedback for each presenting startup

▪    To provide insight on how investors evaluate startups and pitches

▪   To award prizes to the most viable startups, based on audience voting

Investor Panelists:

▪   Nasir Ali (@start_fast) Managing Director at StartFast Venture Accelerator

▪   Phineas Barnes (@phineasb) Partner at First Round Capital

▪   Paul Sethi (@paulsethi) Founder and Director at PKS Capital International

▪   Matthew Witheiler (@witheiler) Principal at Flybridge Capital Partners

Startup Pitches:

▪   Luke Sherwin - Consignd

▪   Ilya Zatulovskiy - Applique

▪   Greg Schvey - Aggregift

▪   Viktoria Ruubel - Merocrat

▪   Ed Boyle - Point Payments

▪   Alex Fair - MedStartr

▪   Anuj Gupta - autoWorkout

▪   Paul Grossinger - MMGuardian

▪   Gidon Coussin - Feelday

Register here and use discount code “nyconvergence” for 50% off your ticket. This discount is good for the first 10 members only, so act quickly.