Thursday June 21, 2018

#CyberTerrorism Waged Every Day in a NJ Office

New Federal Legislation and WikiLeaks Attacks ...

(Photo credit: University of Maryland)

CyberCity is a creation of the Sans Institute, a military think tank focused on cyber terrorism. It’s a plywood 6 feet by 8 feet recreation of a town—complete with bank, train network, hospital, military complex and a coffee shop with free Wi-Fi. It’s a game, sitting in a New Jersey office, intended to capture the kinetic effects of cyber war. While the parts are from a hobby store, according to The Atlantic, the power grid components are real.

CyberCity’s five cameras survey the area and provide a live video stream for game players who run cyber-attack missions from remote locations as computers run through various scenarios. Users try to hack into power grids, or derail a train loaded with radiological weapons before it reaches the city limits.

The Atlantic